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MJS Handbook

​If you are considering the admission procedure, please read the ​MJS Handbook. (Click on the image to open the PDF file.)

2023 MJS Handbook.jpg

A school information session will be held for parents of older children who will be entering the school in 2024. If you would like to participate, please apply using the form below.

【event date】 November 14thSun (Tuesday))

[Participation method] ① Participation by visiting the school (for Manila residents) Location: 1st gymnasium

        ② Online participation (participation from Japan etc.)

 *A URL for Zoom access will be sent separately to those who apply below.  

[Content] ① About school life

② Regarding admission procedures

③ About PTA activities

④ Questions and answers

[Target target audience] Parents of new 1st graders in 2024


[Application deadline]October 31st (Tuesday))

The start date for accepting applications for new elementary school admissions in 2024 isNovember 15Sun (Wed)is.


①Family living in Manila

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

②Families who will travel to Manila after graduation

Early April 2024

[Test content] Written test/interview test

​* Details will be updated on this website on Wednesday, November 15th.

​ Please check the MJS Handbook for school fees.

​ For school supplies, please check the MJS handbook.

If you have any questions"Inquiry form"Please contact us.

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