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Transfer admission information

MJS Handbook (2024 edition)

​If you are considering enrollment/transfer procedures, please read the ​MJS Handbook. (Click on the image to open the PDF file.)


Please start the transfer procedure from this form.

​Please read the school's admission requirements carefully and submit.

Please prepare images of your passport and Japanese Association membership card.

Please apply using the transfer enrollment form. After confirming receipt of your application, our school office will send you an email with instructions on the transfer enrollment procedure.
Our school accepts transfers throughout the year, regardless of the beginning of a new school year or each semester, so if you would like to transfer, please contact us.

Fiscal year 2024
Information on transfer procedures for the second term

1. Target audience: 1st grade elementary school students to 3rd grade junior high school students (all grades)

*Families who meet the enrollment requirements for our school

2. Acceptance of transfer applications

Please read the MJS Handbook and if you agree to the admission requirements and other terms, please apply using the application form .

After confirming receipt of your application, our office will send you an email with details regarding the transfer procedure.

3. Schedule of the Transfer Examination: Friday, August 23, 2024, 2-part system (summary)
*However, if you cannot attend on the above dates, please contact us.

[Part 1] "Parent Information Session" * Online meeting at home, etc.

Time: 8:30 to 10:00

[Part 2] "Transfer Entrance Examination" * Face-to-face at school

(1) Time: 13:00 to 13:30

(2) Location: Manila Japanese School, classrooms

(3) Test content: The purpose is to check your child’s Japanese language ability and learning ability appropriate to their age and grade level.

① For elementary school students: Written test (Japanese, arithmetic) and interview

②For junior high school students: Written exam (Japanese, Mathematics, English) and interview

* If the child is from an international marriage , a meeting will be arranged between the parents and the school principal.

(4) Results

The results will be announced immediately after the exam is completed.

4. Transfer date *Start date of school

Second semester opening ceremony: Tuesday, August 27, 2024 for all grades

​ For tuition fees, please refer to the "Tuition Fees" section of the MJS Handbook.

​ For school supplies, please refer to "School Supplies" in the MJS Handbook.

If you have any questions"Inquiry form"Please contact us.

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