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Manila Japanese School

School emblem / school song

School emblem

MJS school emblem

This school emblem, which is a design of the Filipino national flower Sampaguita, was enacted on July 21, 1977.

Sachiko Wakuno's work was selected from 77 entries, including 60 students.

The number of flowers and buds containing the letters MJS is set to 9 on both the left and right sides, which indicates the 9th grade from the 1st grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of junior high school.

Manila Japanese School School Song

マニラ日本人学校 校歌
00:00 / 01:52

A pure heart

Where we learn

Bathing in the tropical knees

Fragrant Sampagita Dreaming of a bright tomorrow

In the flapping world

You and I

Aiming for a strong body

Where we work hard

The Kuroshio Sea is abundant

Splash and the ship goes

Tomorrow shines

Embark on the world

You and I

Over the burning future

Where we leave the nest

A row of coconut trees

Believe in tomorrow of hope that the sun will set in Manila Bay

Spread to the world

You and I

Manila Japanese School School Song

Manila Japanese School Alumni Song

マニラ日本人学校 校友歌
00:00 / 01:32

In the bright morning light

The singing voice can flow today

Beyond the sea all the way

Here's a friend of learning

Behind the windy palm leaves

Learning is white and shining



Full of colors and shining in the sun

Manila sky at sunset

It's an orchestra of various colors

Someday after being separated

The second hometown that remains in the breast

Manila Japanese School Alumni Song
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