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Message from the Principal

Manila Japanese School Principal: Kimiyoshi Katayama

Welcome to Manila Japanese School

Our school opened its primary school as the Manila Japanese School in 1917. Counting from the end of the war, it has been 56 years since then.

Classes are conducted in Japanese by instructors mainly from Japan, with the curriculum organized in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's curriculum guidelines.

As a feature of our school, the elementary school has two hours of English conversation lessons per week, and the junior high school has one hour per week. In addition, taking advantage of the warm climate, we have one hour of swimming lessons per week for all grades. Both lessons are taught in small classes by native English teachers.

For those who wish to study in the elementary school, we hold Japanese language classes once a week, providing an opportunity for children who are unsure about their Japanese to learn the language. Since last year, we have set up a special support class (for intellectual disabilities). We aim to provide educational activities that cater to each individual student throughout the school.

In terms of the learning environment, we have installed electronic whiteboards in each classroom and one drawing camera per grade. In addition, starting this school year, we have secured one Chromebook for each student. We will continue to further enhance ICT education.

Our school is permeated with the "MJS magic" that says, "When you enroll in MJS (Manila Japanese School), everyone becomes kind, cheerful, and honest. Even if you are anxious about leaving Japan, you will quickly blend in with your friends and begin to smile."

If you are planning to study in Manila, please come to the Manila Japanese School.

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