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MJS Library Collection Site

You can check the collection of books in the MJS Library online.

​ * Limited to current students. An MJS account is required to view.

​Notification of moving out

Click here for the move-out notification to be submitted when moving out

​ Please download it.

Temporary return / travel notification

When returning to Japan temporarily or traveling with overnight stays

​ Please report using this document.

Please use this form to contact us if you are absent or late.

The homeroom teacher will contact you if necessary.

Absence / late / early leave form
Apply for school ID

Please apply for a school ID after enrollment.

​ An "MJS account" is required to apply.

Various certificate application forms​

To apply for a certificate of enrollment or transcript

​ Please use this Western style.

 Applying for a car sticker

If you are going to school by car, please apply for a car sticker.

​ An "MJS account" is required to apply.

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