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New Foreign children can now be admitted

Under certain conditions, we will accept consultations regarding admission wishes for children who do not have Japanese nationality.

  • Have more than 2 years of experience in the curriculum of elementary and junior high school in Japanese at Japanese schools or overseas educational facilities

  • Have the same Japanese ability as Japanese school age

  • One of the parents should be able to speak in Japanese or answer school questions in Japanese

​​ For details , please check this document.

MJS Handbook

​If you are considering admission / transfer procedures,​ Please read the MJS Handbook on the right. (Click the image to open the PDF file.)

2022 MJS Handbook_Page_01.jpg

MJS Handbook ( 2022 Edition)

If you are new to the school next year, please click here.

MJS Handbook

MJS Handbook ( 2021 Edition)

Please see here for transfer students in the middle of the year.

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